ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter and The John Marshall Law School Student Chapter: The Missing American Jury
October 4, 2016
12:00 PM
Event Location:
John Marshall Law School
315 S Plymouth Ct.
room 216
Chicago, IL 60604

Join the ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter and The John Marshall Law School Student Chapter for a Brownbag book talk with Professor Suja A. Thomas. 

Criminal, civil, and grand juries have disappeared from the American legal system. Over time, despite their significant presence in the Constitution, juries have been robbed of their power by the federal government and the states. For example, leveraging harsher criminal penalties, executive officials have forced criminal defendants into plea bargains, eliminating juries. Capping monetary awards, legislatures have stripped juries of their power to fix damages. Ordering summary judgment, judges dispose of civil cases without sending them to a jury.

This is not what the founders intended. Examining the Constitution’s text and historical sources, The Missing American Jury explores how the jury’s authority has been taken and how it can be restored to its rightful, co-equal position as a “branch” of government. Discussing the value of juries beyond the Constitution’s requirements, the book also discusses the significance of juries world-wide and argues jury decision-making should be preferred over determinations by other governmental bodies.

Suja A. Thomas
Professor, University of Illinois College of Law

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